Get Your Water Utility Prepared for Storm Seasons with These Waterworks Tools

You've been in the water utility industry long enough to know the routine. As soon as storm season hits, everything goes crazy. Snowplows take out your hydrants. You're repairing a broken water main when you realize the outside of the old pipe is a mess that is not going to form a solid connection without some serious cleaning. Installing the new coupling, your socket bottoms out and you have to finish the rest of the tightening a partial turn at a time with a wrench. A storm causes serious problems and you need to shut off water to your customers, but the continuing bad weather makes your gate wrench slip and require constant resetting. These frustrating issues can make storm season last forever. Fortunately, the developers at New Concept Tools have come up with some great options for you to try that will make storm season seem like a breeze.

Hydrant Markers & Flags:

Adjustable Wrench & Hydrant Setter:
Universal Flag Kit Install:


A local plowing service calls into your office to let them know that they hit a hydrant. It's the third one during this blizzard. Your crew then has to go out and work on shutting down the water supply, which leads to more complaint calls being made, and then has to repair or replace the hydrant. Adding a hydrant marker or flag makes it so much easier for snowplows to see your hydrants, helping prevent serious damage!

Deep Well Sockets

You know how it goes - you have a water main break due to the deep cold, and you're working on replacing it. But you have to tighten those bolts down so far, eventually your socket bottoms out. Then you're stuck setting a wrench, and tightening, and resetting the wrench, and tightening, and - you get the picture. Our deep well sockets have a lot more room to accept excess bolt length, making it easy to just keep quickly ratcheting the connection into place.

Gate Wrenches

When the weather is bad and house lines freeze, sometimes you need to shut off the water at the valve. But when your gate wrench slips apart or requires a lot of room to swing the handle to operate in tight quarters, it can be tough to get the job done quickly. We have ratcheting and regular gate wrenches that are designed to stay connected, even with deep valves.


Ratchet Gate Wrench:


Pipe Descalers:

That gross pipe is full of corrosion and junk on the outside that makes it difficult to get a good connection to your coupler. Sandpaper and other tools get gunked up and take forever to clear up or change out on the job. Wrapping a chain around the pipe to clear the junk off only has limited results. Our pipe cleaner and descaler has a heavy chain to deliver a long useable lifespan, with more channels than our competitors. Alternating serrated channels make cleanup a breeze.


Instead of getting frustrated at poor-performing tools this storm season, why not upgrade to these exceptionally-crafted pieces of equipment from Team NCT? If you're interested in learning more about these tools that were designed specifically for the demands of the water utility industry, have questions or would like to place an order, the experienced professionals at New Concept Tools are ready to help. Please feel free to contact us today to get started.