Get the Job Done Faster with a Socket Ratchet Wrench

For years, water utility companies have made due with the standard tools that get the job done, but typically in a somewhat inefficient matter. Today's technology is allowing us to create better tools so that you can get the job done faster and allows you to more effectively use your resources to the betterment of your water utility. One area that we've been developing is a wrench that uses a ratchet action to give you a multi-purpose tool that allows your crew to work faster and more efficiently. Here are some details to help get you started.

What Can a Socket Ratchet Wrench Do for Your Crew?

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A socket ratchet wrench allows your crew to work more quickly and efficiently. Unlike standard gate valve wrenches that require repositioning after a partial turn in tight quarters, this versatile wrench is handy either in the field, where it can be used to operate gate valves before they are buried, or in a plant or pump station where it can replace the standard handwheel on non rising stem valves so it can't be operated by unauthorized personnel. It's also ideal for quickly opening and closing valves in an emergency. It is also the perfect wrench when installing a tapping sleeve and valve.

How the Socket Ratchet Wrench is Constructed

But how well will the socket ratchet wrench hold up to heavy field work? At New Concept Tools, we design all of our tools to meet the rigors of daily life at a water utility, then field test them extensively and this tool isn't any different. It's created from rugged, heavy duty steel to ensure durability and a long usable life. To this tough package, we've added a solid rubber grip to prevent banged up hands from slipping in wet conditions. This covering over the solid handle provides more comfort for your crew, allowing them to work longer and get more done. The ratcheting action provides exceptional maneuverability in and around the valves you're trying top operate.

What are Some Situations Where a Socket Ratchet Wrench Works Well?

But what are some of the situations where the socket ratchet wrench will work well for your water utility crew? When you need to open or close a gate valve prior to burying it, the socket ratchet wrench does a great job of operating the valve quickly. When you need to deal with close quarters while moving a valve, the socket ratchet wrench is able to be moved without having to remove and reposition the wrench countless times while trying to finish the job. If you have areas where a handwheel on a non-rising stem valve is a security issue, the socket ratchet wrench allows the valve to be operated without providing opportunity to unauthorized persons. It also works well when your crew needs to open or close a valve quickly, such as when you have a pipe burst or other disaster in action. Every contractor knows how time consuming installing a tapping sleeve and valve is. This wrench allows you to quickly open the valve to allow the tapping machine cutter through to cut the hole in the existing pipe, and more importantly quick closure after the cutting is done and the valve needs to be shut off so the new service pipe can be installed. A labor intensive process made easier with this one tool.

By adding the socket ratchet wrench to your water utility's toolkits, you can ensure that your crew has the tools you need to get the job done quickly, efficiently and effectively. If you need more information, have questions or want to purchase the socket ratchet wrench, please feel free to contact us today. At New Concept Tools, our job is creating the high-quality, field-tested water utility tools you need to get the job done right.

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