What's the Difference Between the Two Service Line Puller Kits?

At New Concept Tools, we get a lot of questions about our Service Line Puller Kits. However, the most common question we receive is whether the kits are interchangeable. Because service lines tend to be particular materials for smaller sizes of lines and a different type of material for larger sizes of lines, we knew that one kit wouldn't be able to handle the demands of both types, so the Service Line Puller Kits were designed to each handle the materials that were most likely to be encountered in the field. Here's a in-depth look at what tools are included in each kit and the types of materials they're expected to pull.

¾” to 1” Service Line Puller Kit 

The 3/4" to 1" Service Line Puller Kit is designed for pulling new service lines into place. It has two different mechanisms available - you can split out old plastic service lines with the splitter tool by placing it on the cable ahead of the Bull Head, or you can simply place the Bull Head on the cable, and it will push the old service line out ahead as the new line is drawn through, allowing you to remove the old line and add a new one at the same time with significantly reduced digging.


  • Plastic Pipe Splitter: With a number of blades to cut through and expand the old plastic service line, you can avoid having to disconnect, cut and remove sections of the service line as you go by simply leaving the old, destroyed service line in place around the new one.
  • Split Bull Head: Tired of broken cables requiring a wait for replacement parts to arrive? Our Bull Head is clamped down to the cable, so if your cable breaks, just remove the bolts, put it on a new cable and go!
  • Starter Tool: It's frustrating when you're trying to get a piece of service line moving and the end is out of round. Our starter tool makes it simple to restore its round shape for fast, easy removal and installation.
  • Plastic Adapter: To make it simple to pull plastic service lines through without extra fittings and work, our plastic adapter allows you to simply slide your piping onto it and secure it with a bolt or screw.



1-1/4” to 2” Service Line Puller Kit 

For larger service lines, you need a robust kit that allows you to quickly switch between service line sizes while still delivering robust performance. But that doesn't mean you want to carry a lot of extra equipment around to get the job done! Our 1-1/4" to 2" Service Line Puller Kit includes Bull Heads in three different sizes, all of which simply screw into place. The Bull Head then pushes the old service line out ahead of the new line being pulled into place behind it.


  • Screw-On Bull Head: The kit includes 1-1/4", 1-1/2" and 2" Bull Heads which screw on to the end of the cable. This allows you to use one cable for all three sizes instead of having to carry several different cables.

The Service Line Puller Kits may not be interchangeable, but they do deliver strong performance with a minimum number of parts to lose or misplace. If you're ready to learn more about this dynamic tool, the professionals at Team NCT are ready to help. Please feel free to contact us today to get started.


Service Line Puller Kit - Instruction Manual