What are the Tools You Need for Hydrant Maintenance for Winter?

Hydrant maintenance: it's a term that will have even the most seasoned water utility worker sighing, ready for the task to be done. Many water utilities still rely on a range of old-fashioned, poorly-performing tools to get the job done. But what if your hydrant maintenance process could be easier, even almost enjoyable? At New Concept Tools, our job is developing the tools that help the water utility industry work faster, easier and safer than ever before. Here's a quick look at our lineup of helpful tools to make your hydrant maintenance process fly by.

16" Adjustable Hydrant Wrench

When you've got a range of different hydrants in your system, isn't it a pain having to switch between wrenches? Our 16" adjustable hydrant wrench offers you a better solution. It fits pentagon operating nuts up to 1-3/4" as well as streamer or pumper caps and pin and rocker lug hose couplings. It's also well designed, with zinc plating to prevent corrosion and a comfortable rubberized grip to prevent slipping.

Hydrant Tags and Crimping Tools

Is this hydrant #151, or is that the one across the street? Hydrant tags make it easy to positively identify which hydrant you're working with. This especially makes the job easier when you have identical #182 and #157 sitting on the bench at the workshop, one that needs repair and one that needs to be sent for replacement. We use galvanized cable for attachment and high-contrast colors to make picking out the numbers on a dark night easier. Our 14" Hydrant Tag Crimping Tool prevents mangled tags and knuckles with superior leverage and non-slip rubberized grips.

Hydrant Flags

What's the easiest way to prevent snowplows from hitting your hydrants? Making them visible above the snow! If your hydrant flags are damaged or need to be added to prevent the kind of damage that happened last year, we offer a range of hydrant flags to improve visibility. Spring flags, reflective spring markers and the replacement tops for these flags, 1/2" and 3/8" hydrant markers and universal hydrant flag kits all make it easier for your hydrants to be located by the snowplow as well as the fire department.

Hydrant Markers

Have a hydrant that's not functioning, but you can't get to it until spring? Make it easy for your community's firefighters to prevent a tragedy by marking it accordingly, before they waste time connecting and trying to start a bad hydrant. Our high-visibility Hydrant Out of Service signs fit easily on the nozzles of your hydrants and are kept securely in place by the cap. Having a few of these handy makes it easy for your crew to mark malfunctioning hydrants.

Hydrant Setters

Slippery, heavy, cumbersome hydrants are difficult to set without damage to the hydrant or your crew. Our Hydrant Setter with Spreader Bar makes the job easier. Simply slide the rings in place over the nozzles and secure the hose nozzle caps in front of them to create a secure, safe connection with the Grade 8 galvanized chain and swivel connection for easy installation.

By working with the team at New Concept Tools, you can ensure that your winter hydrant maintenance process goes as quickly and easily as possible. If you're ready to make the switch from tools that really don't get the job done, please feel free to contact our experienced associates today to discover the possibilities.

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