How to Use the High-Security Locking Device and Removal Tool

When water absolutely must be left on or shut off for one reason or another, it’s imperative that the valve remains in that position, but what can you do to make sure it remains so? Whether it’s a government building, an airport, an abandoned structure or a situation where a customer’s water be shut off or on and stay that way, using a locking device can help ensure that the valve stays in the position your crew has put it in. Fortunately, there’s New Concept Tool’s High-Security Locking Device and Removal Tool to help make the job go more easily. Here’s a bit more about this secure device and how it works.

The service valve for your customer’s service lines is a point of vulnerability for service to be turned on or off when it shouldn’t be. Simply closing or opening the valve is not sufficient, because a standard service box or curb tool will allow unauthorized people to operate the valve. To lock the valve out, you need the right locking device for the job. When placed on top of the valve, it protects the tang of the valve, preventing it from being opened or closed using a standard curb wrench.

Some companies offer service valve locks that are created from ferrous materials. This creates a couple of problems. Even if it is coated or painted, there’s a chance that it may become scratched in service. If there is moisture in the valve box, this creates an opportunity for corrosion to occur. What’s more, something as simple as a magnet may be used to remove it, allowing access to the valve and the loss of a vital tool.

The High-Security Locking Device developed by New Concept Tools is made of bronze, preventing issues with corrosion. Because bronze is not a ferrous metal, it can’t be picked up with a magnet, leaving it securely in place and your valves untouched. This means that you can avoid having to deal with the same problem areas and valves that seem to be targeted time and again, or areas where having the valve operated without authorization could lead to critical problems.

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When it’s time to exercise the valve or remove the High-Security Locking Device, for whatever reason, you simply need to employ the High-Security Service Box Extractor, a special t-handle, shaft and key that is designed to work specifically with the locking device. It’s designed to break apart for storage, but snaps solidly together with spring pins for field use, providing a secure connection so that parts of the tool do not accidentally disconnect while in use. It slides easily into the bronze locking device’s top for fast operation with minimal fuss. The spring pin also secures the locking device to the tool, making it easy to extract the device without dropping it on the valve. This High-Security Service Box Extractor may then be used to either open, or close the valve, or it can be used to extract the device entirely.

By adding the High-Security Locking Device and it’s accompanying High-Security Service Box Extractor to your water utility’s tool kit, you’ll be prepared next time an issue arises that requires a valve to be locked out for the general public. At New Concept Tools, we pride ourselves on developing tools specifically for the water utility industry in order to help make your crew’s job easier. Please feel free to reach out today for more information, with any questions or to order one of our high-quality specialized tools.

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