Why Investing in Quality Tools Improves Productivity

When you're working in the industrial underbelly of the waterworks industry, you've seen a little bit of everything. The junk that was flushed down a drain that backed up a full circuit of your system. The damage caused from frost heaves and sink holes, requiring fast repairs to get service back on track. The frustration of trying to work with tools that were not designed for the equipment and fittings you work with on a daily basis. You can only do so much about little Jimmy flushing a disturbing amount of Legos and other toys down the drain or the motion of the earth, but you can do something about working with substandard tools. Here's why having the right tool for the job helps improve productivity.

We've all had situations where we've had to improvise a tool - a butter knife for a screwdriver, a wrench for a hammer - but there's a big difference between driving a tiny brad for your daughter's new medal or tightening up a loose kitchen cabinet knob and what waterworks-industry workers deal with on a daily basis. What are some examples of where using the right tool for the job improves the situation? Here are some examples:

  • A hydrant fails and needs to be replaced quickly. With an expensive new hydrant to install, would you rather sling a strap or chain around it to lower it into place and hope it doesn't break or cause damage to the hydrant? Or would you rather use a Hydrant Setter with Spreader Bar that puts the new hydrant into place in the right position to be installed quickly and without endangering the safety of your crew?
  • You need to clean out a valve box that has had a lot of debris dropped into it. Do you cut a large hole to get someone down to that depth with hand tools to clean out the box? Do you use a post-hole digger and risk damaging the valve? Or do you use a Service Box Cleaning Auger specifically designed for the job that lets you move the debris effectively from a distance?
  • When you arrive at the location, you need to shut a gate valve and will need to open it again once you're done. Do you use a standardized manual wrench that may not have the strength to get the job done, requiring multiple resets as you strike the valve box's side? Or would you prefer to use a Aluminum Ratcheting Handle that has been developed specifically for the job at hand that will be strong enough to get the job done quickly and effectively?

By investing in quality tools that are specifically designed for waterworks employees, you're improving your crew's productivity and safety. At New Concept Tools, we understand the frustration of working with tools that won't get the job done, which is why our entire company is focused on making the best quality tools for waterworks projects and departments. If you have a need that is being poorly met by standard tools we suggest downloading our product catalog below. Our tools are field-tested and worker-approved to provide the best possible performance and ease of use.

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