Use a Telescopic Top Riser for Better Efficiency

It's paving season - what's the best way to raise your service box to meet the new grade of pavement? When it comes to getting the job done right, there's nothing like being able to walk up to a service box, pop the top and get to business. Unfortunately, it's more often than not the case that you'll have to fight with the system to be able to access the box. Maybe some mud and gravel slid down and covered it up. Maybe someone's put something on top of it because they didn't realize the service box was below that point. Whatever the problem is, you want to ensure your crew can quickly and effectively reach the service box to get the job done with as little problem as is feasible. At New Concept Tools, we're all about making sure you have the right solutions for your job. Here's how a telescopic top riser can help your crew be more productive with their time.

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When you need to put a riser on your service boxes, how do you know what size to keep handy? One solution many companies and waterworks departments haven't considered is an adjustable top riser for your service boxes. Instead of having to keep a wide range of top risers on hand to meet every situation, our telescopic top riser adjusts to a wide range of sizes, anywhere from 1" in height to either 12" or 24", depending on the model.

This allows you a great deal of room for adjustment in the field while limiting how many risers you need to keep on hand. They will also spend less time going back and forth when they realize the top riser they've selected isn't the right height after all. Because you can use the same telescopic top riser for a wide range of needs, you can lower your part inventory and spend your budget where it really matters.

You could simply avoid adding risers to your service boxes, but then every time you need to access the service box, it becomes a major excavation project. Our top riser can fit existing slide or screw boxes with the simple task of breaking off the pentagon-shaped bolt tab. The riser's top is designed with an offset to prevent turning when the stud is removed, while the cover features a standard pentagon head bolt for easy access. It also features a dirt shield to make it easier to access the pentagon head, reducing your crew's time in the field.

Keeping service boxes accessible is a difficult job. Adding telescopic top risers makes that job much easier. By keeping options like telescopic top risers in mind whether you're planning your new system or revisiting an older one, you can help reduce the amount of labor and effort spent on each project. If you need the right tools to get the job done right the first time, it's time to give New Concept Tools a try. Our tools are specially designed with the waterworks industry in mind to provide better results fast. Please contact us today for more details.

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