Meet The Swiss Army Knife of the Waterworks Industry.

When you have to go out on a water service call do you have the correct tool with you or do you need to run back to the utility office and get the right tool? We have all had it happen. You are called to check on a situation which could require shutting off of a gate valve or a water service, even possibly opening or closing a hydrant, only to discover that you do not have the correct tool with you. After all, it only makes sense that you can only carry so many tools in your vehicle before it becomes a congested mess. Why is it when, at a time when you are always so busy trying to get things done, you never have the right tool for the job. At New Concept Tools we feel your pain and have developed our version of the utility worker's Swiss Army Knife. The Combination Valve & Curb Key Set gives you one tool to work with service boxes, service brass, gate valves and hydrants.

Combination Valve & Curb Key Set

Because we only develop tools for the waterworks industry, New Concept Tools is constantly innovating and inventing new tools to help make your job easier and the next task on your list go more smoothly. Our design team has come up with a single compact tool that is versatile enough to handle most service call tasks. It is capable of opening and closing two hole or pent style service box covers as well as service brass, both rod and curb end styles. It also has the proper ends for gate valves and hydrants.

The set contains a 2" handle with a debris cleaner for removing impacted road material that could hinder the ability of the wrench head to fit properly and provide clear access. The wrench is completely telescoping, allowing you to reach almost any depth you will find at a typical waterworks maintenance or repair project, including three 3' extension shafts and a 3' rod end shaft. The set includes the two hole and pent ends for opening the service box cover, the rod and curb ends for use on the service brass and the 2' gate wrench and hydrant wrench ends are all attached with the use of push pins and retainer clips for quick install and positive engagement to prevent the loss of parts during use, saving you time and money.


To top it all off, it comes with a handy carrying bag that rolls up to store conveniently behind your seat or in the back of your truck. The bag also has convenient handles to make it easy to move into place once you reach the job site. These features help you improve efficiency and save time.

By keeping our Combination Valve & Curb Key Set rolled up behind your seat, those time-consuming and annoying trips back for the right tools can be a thing of the past. Because we design our tools for waterworks utilities, you know that you'll be getting a great tool that's designed to work right the first time, allowing you to quickly complete the task at hand without improvising a less than effective tool from what's available. To order our Combination Valve & Curb Key Set or learn more about our utility specific tools, please feel free to contact us today for more details.

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