NCT’s Service Line Puller Kit and RedHed's 100% Lead-Free Brass

A lot of water utilities have begun to lay new water service lines and replace aging lead in their systems in response to the Flint water crisis. But replacing service lines can create a lot of work while damaging the existing surface structures. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be that way. New Concept Tool's Service Line Puller Kit allows you to quickly install a new service line with a minimum amount of work required. We've also partnered with our sister company, RedHed Brass Manufacturing, to develop a new 100% lead-free male flare adapter that works hand in hand with the service line puller kit. Here are some more details to help you get started:

Service Line Puller Kit Tools

Having a tool that minimizes digging, damage to landscaping or road surfaces while reducing disruption of other utilities makes a big difference to many water utilities. However, many available service line pullers can't stand up to the performance of our Service Line Puller Kit. With a mechanically-attached bull head, the kit is designed to be easily repaired in the field instead of having to wait for replacement cables and parts from the manufacturer.

If you're using our kit to replace lead fittings in your system, RedHed has some options that can really create high-quality performance in your system without the use of lead. Even in fittings that meet current lead-free standards, some lead is often added to improve machining of the brass and fill small voids, which can occur when a company is trying to turn out as many pieces as possible in as short a time as possible. RedHed takes a different approach by only selling brass fittings that are 100% lead free using higher quality standards in casting and machining these fittings.

Red Hed's Male flare adapter

Though there are a number of different fittings available from our sister company, RedHed has specifically worked with our engineers and designers to develop a 100% lead-free male flare adapter. This allows you to thread the adapter directly into the service line puller's bull head and flare it directly onto the new copper service line that you're installing. RedHed uses standardized sizes, so the size of the flare will match the size of the line you're installing.

Why a flared fitting? Compression fittings are pretty common in plumbing, only tightening onto the pipe's exterior, which can create a weaker connection than a flare. Comparatively, flare adapters can actually lock the inside and outside of the copper line into the fitting, creating a stronger connection. Once you've replaced the service line, use RedHed 100% lead-free brass to give you a solid connection for years of safe, reliable water service to your customers.

Red Hed's Ball Curb Stop

But you don't need to stop there. RedHed has 100% lead-free curb stops, lead flange adapters and corporation stops to replace aging components and can create 100% lead-free custom-machined parts for your utility. When you use RedHed's 100% lead-free brass fittings and New Concept Tools' Service Line Puller Kit, you'll discover that you've quickly completed a large portion of your task list while minimizing time spent on repairs or sod in the process.

If you've got questions about our Service Line Puller Kit or RedHed's 100% lead-free brass fittings, please feel free to contact us for more details. At New Concept Tools, our job is keeping your work flowing.

Service Line Puller Kit - Instruction Manual