Replacing a Service Line with a Service Line Puller Kit

Installing a service line can be a tough and involved process. When your municipality or facility has old, failing service lines, it can take significant amounts of digging, damage to property in the area, a larger budget and a lot of downtime for your system while it's being replaced. To add insult to injury, once the initial task is completed, you'll need to go back and fill in the area where the digging has taken place. Our Service Line Puller Kit makes this arduous task much easier.

How a Service Line Puller Kit Works


A service line puller kit is paired to a backhoe to provide the muscle to get the tubing pulled into place. A service line puller kit typically works by feeding a cable through an older service line to the point where the new pipe will be pulled. The cable is then fastened into the service line and pulled back through the cavity left by the older service line, pulling the old pipe and new pipe through at the same time or splitting existing plastic pipe and greatly reducing the time, energy and budget required to get the new lines installed.

But not all service lines puller kits are created equal. Some kits don't have enough pushing and pulling power to get the job done effectively or in a short period of time. Some kits will only pull a particular type of pipe, requiring that you purchase multiple kits or adaptors in addition to the initial investment. The pulling heads in some kits are permanently attached to the cable, which sounds great until the cable breaks and you need to purchase an entirely new cable.

Service Line Puller Kit CTA

The Better Service Line Puller Kit

Our Service Line Puller takes the old standby in trenchless service line installation and improves on it significantly. We offer our puller kits in two different sizes, with the smaller handling 3/4" and 1" pipes and the larger handing 1-1/4" to 2" pipe, giving you more versatility. Because we know that many systems have a wide range of pipe materials integrated, our kit provides you with all the parts you need to replace copper, HDPE, steel, lead and plastic pipes. We've developed our proprietary Split Bull Head design which gives you much greater pushing and pulling power because of its improved grabbing design. The Split Bull Head also attaches directly cable's plain end, facilitating fast and simple field repairs if a cable breaks.

We also know that you need a lot of options available to get the job done, so we've developed our kit to include many more parts than other manufacturer's designs. Both size kits include 50, 75 or a 100 foot cable, as well as the Bull Head, cable grab, hammer lock and oval link. The smaller kit also includes a plastic pipe splitter, plastic adapter and starter tool, as well as an additional 3/8" cable at 50, 75 or 100 feet. The larger kit has two B-adapters, one going from 1-1/4" to 2" and the other going from 1-1/2" to 2", as well as an additional 1/2" cable at 50, 75 or 100 feet.

New Concept Tools' Service Line Puller Kit helps make short work of your service line replacement job by reducing time spent . For more details on how the Service Line Puller Kit works and the exact specifications for your particular task, please download our Service Line Puller Kit Instruction Manual below.

Service Line Puller Kit - Instruction Manual