Get the Job Done Faster and Easier With Our All in One Combo Key

We've all had projects like this: you hit a location and one after another of your tools aren't quite right for the project. You have to make trips back and forth to the warehouse or storeroom to change out equipment before you can get the job done. But what if you could carry a single convenient tool in your vehicle that allows you to get the job done quickly and effectively? Here's a quick look at how our All in One Combo Key helps fit this need, making it easier for your crew to get the job done quickly and get on with their day.

The number of tools you need to carry in your water utility's vehicles to perform daily tasks throughout the week can be overwhelming, and can make it virtually impossible to easily get the job done as kits and sets become jumbled together. Recognizing this difficulty for many of our clients, New Concept Tools developed our All in One Combo Key to get around this issue by providing a single, high-quality tool to meet the average tasks of water utilities across the country.

It is essentially the Swiss Army knife of the water utility industry, allowing a single, compact tool to meet a wide range of needs and tasks.

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Here's what you'll find in the kit:

  • Need to open pent-style service box covers? It includes a pent end socket for easy access to this style of box cover.
  • Do you need to remove two-hold style service box covers? Our two-hole end makes this task easier than ever.
  • What about opening buried values? A 2” swivel-style socket makes it simple to get it on the valve, even on an angle.
  • Do you need to turn water service on and off at the curb stop? The set includes a curb end wrench for easy manipulation.
  • What about operating fire hydrants? We include an adjustable hydrant wrench to make the job go quickly on a variety of hydrants.


The handle for this set is adjustable, extending from four to seven feet in length. To avoid losing components in the shuffle, all the components in the kit slide together, then lock in place to prevent accidental loss. As a whole, the set takes up virtually no significant space while delivering serious durability and long-lasting performance. This one simple tool meets a wide range of needs without taking up a lot of space and allows you to have the tools you need on hand to ensure you can get the job done quickly and effectively. Simply toss it behind the seat of your utility vehicle and instantly have the tools you need on hand to meet every daily task that comes your way.

The All in One Combo Key provides you with a wide range of easy-to-use resources that make it easier to quickly complete the task at hand without a lot of return trips or wasted time and energy. If you're not sure whether the All in One Combo Key will work best in your operation, New Concept Tools is here to help you make that determination. Please feel free to contact us today for more information, with any questions or to place an order for our water utility-specific tools.

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