Finding the Right Waterworks Industry Tool for the Job in the Field

When you work in the water utility industry, there are any number of tools that you put to use on a daily basis. But how many of them are really designed for the job and how many are simply good enough to struggle through and complete a task? When it comes to getting your crew working effectively and efficiently, having the right tools can make all the difference between getting the job done fast and having an injury or even death on a job site. Fortunately, New Concept Tools is focused on delivering the right tools for the water utility industry, with features that help you get the job done right. Here's a quick overview of some of our top options.

Tools for Opening a Gate Valve:
  1. 22” Valve Box Cover Tongs: Give your crew the leverage they need to remove stubborn valve cover boxes with our 22" Valve Box Cover Tongs. Less bending means better backs while rubber grips provide safety and a comfortable hand hold.


  2. Standard or Ratchet Gate Wrench: Whether you need a better reach in a solidly constructed telescoping Standard Gate Wrench or need to up your crew's efficiency with a Ratchet Gate Wrench, our wrenches help you get the job done faster.

  3. Rounded Nut Grabber: Busted knuckles aren't fun, and if a gate valve's operating nut is damaged, you know that's a very likely possibility for your crew. The Rounded Nut Grabber is specifically designed to grab the flat sides of the rounded valve nut instead of the rounded corners.

Installing a Gate Valve:

  1. Valve Setter: Gate valves can be heavy and cumbersome, delivering safety issues and potential valve damage during the installation process. Fortunately, our Valve Setter makes it as simple as possible to safely swing that gate valve into place, making your crew work more effectively.

  2. Box Seat: You have everything lined up and ready to go, then the gate valve box base shifts when you're backfilling it, making you have to dig the box out, empty and repeat. Our Box Seat eliminates this problem, making the box stay centered and even during the process.

  3. 2” Socket Ratchet Wrench: Do you need a solid utility wrench to quickly open and close gate valves in the field? Maybe you want to replace hand wheels in your facility for security. Our 2" Socket Ratchet Wrench does it all.

Installing a Fire Hydrant Safely:

  1. 16” Adjustable Hydrant Wrench: If you're dealing with a range of different fire hydrants in your water utility's system, you know that having the right wrench at the right time can be difficult. Our 16" Adjustable Hydrant Wrench fits a wide range of pent nuts up to 1-3/4".

  2. Hydrant Setter with Spreader Bars: Don't use a slippery sling or frayed ropes to try to set that expensive hydrant! Our hydrant setter with spreader bars is designed to work with a range of different hydrants to allow for safe, fast installation.

Removing and Replacing a Water Service:


  1. 3/4”-1” Service Line Puller Kit: Stop digging your simple residential service lines when it's time to make a replacement by simply pulling the new line through the old one. Our Three Quarter to One Inch Service Line Puller Kit does the job better than the competition. It is even designed to be field serviceable!

  2. 1-1/4”-2” Service Line Puller Kit: Need to pull some larger service lines for a business or other higher-demand customer? We can handle that for you too! Our larger Service Line Puller Kit helps you avoid digging up pavement and dealing with a mess when you're done.

Opening and Closing a Water Service:

  1. Service Box Wrench Pent End or Two Hole: Whether you prefer a solid T handle or a sliding handle for easier packing and storage, we have the options you need. Our high-quality wrenches are available in pent end or two-hole end to match your water utility's existing structure.

  2. Curb End and Rod End Service Box Wrenches: Do you have a mix of curb and rod service boxes in your water utility's network? If you do, our Curb End and Rod End Service Box Wrenches combine everything you need in a single tool.

Repaving: How to Raise Valve and Service Boxes:

  1. Valve Box Top Lifter: Are you working with a slide-type valve box in your water utility? If you need to lift it, nothing makes the process as easy as our Valve Box Top Lifter, which simply clamps around the top after a little digging and lifts the top out.

  2. Telescoping Top Riser for Service Box: Need to raise a number of service boxes to different heights? The Telescoping Top Riser for Service Box works with either slide or screw type boxes to add between 1" to 12" or 24" to your overall service box height.

  3. Service Box Extensions: Changing heights on your service boxes due to paving? Our high-quality service box extensions make it easy to simply add onto your existing system, then clamp down using the set screw.


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Installing a Manhole:

  1. Manhole/Catch Basin Setter Sling: Manholes and catch basins are heavy, and you don't want your crew to get hurt getting it in place. Our Manhole/Catch Basin Setter Sling includes an adjustable spreader bar to prevent dangerous slippage.

  2. Precast Concrete Manhole Barrel Sling: When you need to lay in your manhole barrels, having a sling that works well and stands up to the test of time makes all the difference. Our uses a 3/8" painted Grade 80 chain to deliver strong performance.

Cleaning Out Valve and Service Boxes so you can Get to the Valve:

  1. Heavy Duty Valve and Service Box Cleaners: Powder coating, rubber grips and a wide range of interchangeable spoons make it much easier to get the dirt and debris out of service boxes. Our valve and service box cleaners have twice as much holding power as the competition.

  2. Cleaning Augers: If twisting a handle and having dirt and debris come right up out of a service box sounds too good to be true, it isn't. Our cleaning augers are available in a range of sizes, for example, a 1" Auger, and 2 ½" Auger for whatever service box sizes you're dealing with.


Combination Tools With Multiple Functions:

  1. Combo Flare and Rounding Tool for Copper Services: Rounding out flattened copper service lines is a pain, and having to have a separate set of tools for flaring is just silly. Our Combo Flare and Rounding Tool handles line from 3/4" to 2".

  2. All in One Combo Key: When you're dealing with everyday issues on the job site, wouldn't it be nice to have all the tools you need tucked behind your truck seat? For valves, service boxes and hydrants, the All in One Combo Key gets the job done quickly and easily.

  3. Combination Valve & Curb Key Set: Why should you have to carry and sort through a bunch of different wrenches when a single kit can do the job? Our Combination Valve & Curb Key Set includes a wide range of tools in a single handy carrying case, easily fitting behind your truck seat.

By using the right tools for your water utility's task list, you can quickly leverage your crew's ability to its fullest potential. This list of high-quality tools from New Concept Tools were specifically designed with features to make your crew's job easier and faster, allowing them to get further on their task lists every day. Have questions or need more information about some of these exceptional tools? Our experienced associates are waiting for you to reach out to help you get started.

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