What Type of Cleanout Spoon Should You Use in What Situation?

When you're trying to get a service or valve box cleaned out, a cleanout spoon is a great tool to have. But which type of cleanout spoon is right for the situation you're dealing with? At New Concept Tools, we believe in providing our customers with the right tools to get the job done, but many of our customers have the same question. This guide will help you select the right cleanout spoon for the task at hand.


Standard Spoon

For most general circumstances, a standard spoon does a good job of getting the task done. It has a pair of spoons that are narrow enough to get into a tight space but broad enough to remove gravel used for backfill and small amounts of soil that have fallen into the box. In some instances, you'll want a standard spoon that has a strong, all-welded construction and a zinc or powder coated finish for corrosion resistance (off-site). You can use multiple spoons with a single handle for adaptability and a smaller storage space.

Clam Spoon

When you have a lot of debris, mud or sand in the box, having a larger spoon helps get the job done more quickly. A clam spoon meets that need very effectively, with a wider angle and larger capacity to move more soil and debris at a time. This is one area where it's even more important to have a strong construction with all seams welded securely and having a powder or zinc coating helps ensure that it will have a long service life, even with clay and damp material in regular contact with it.

Needlenose Spoon

However, when you need to pick up something small without damaging it, such as keys, coins, tools or other objects that can be difficult to pick up, a plier or needlenose spoon does a wonderful job of getting the task done. With a narrower profile, it can get into smaller areas of the box to get smaller objects without causing damage as could happen with a larger spoon. By using a set of spoons that are interchangeable with a single handle, you can quickly switch tasks from a smaller spoon for picking up smaller objects to a spoon with the capacity to quickly clean out the service or valve box.

Shark Grip Spoon

But what about when you're trying to remove something too large to fit within the spoon's sides such as a rock, garbage, cans or bottles? Attempting to use a standard spoon makes it difficult to get a solid grip on the object, while a clam spoon is still too small to pick it up. One solution is to use a shark grip spoon. It features curved spoon sides, allowing the spoon to move around the object and pick it up, gripped securely in the concave edges of the spoon.

By selecting the right cleanout spoon for your valve and service boxes, your crews can quickly and effectively get the job done instead of spending a lot of time frustrated at poor results. If you need additional help finding the right tools for the job, the team at New Concept Tools is ready to help. Please feel free to contact one of our experienced associates today for more information.

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