Visit the Tool Board for Access to the Tools You Need

When you need to get the job done, you don't have a lot of time to spend tracking down the tools you need. Fortunately, New Concept Tools has provided a solution to help you get what you need quickly without wasting time walking around a store. Our Tool Board is a concept taken from the impulse purchase items in a store, where you can find candy, soda, lip balm and other items. But instead of those more mundane options, we offer the tools you need, so you can just grab and go. Here are some more details on what you can expect to find on the Tool Board.

You'll find a good variety of commonly used tools on the Tool Board, making it easier to just grab the tools needed for the job instead of hunting through the store:

All in One Combo Key:

This Swiss Army Knife of waterworks tools provides six different service and valve box keys with a telescoping shaft. View product here.

22" Valve Cover Box Tongs:

Valve Cover Box Tongs Setter Product Video


These tongs make removing a valve cover easy with corrosion resistant zinc plating and rubberized handles to provide a better grip. View product here.

48" Hydrant Marker 3/8" Galvanized:

Avoid having your hydrants taken out by plows and cars this winter by marking with these sturdy hydrant markers. View product here.

4' Galvanized Spring Flag w/Reflective Bands:

Created from a single length of galvanized steel with an integrated spring for flexibility, the reflective bands ensure it'll be seen in any weather. View product here.

Hydrant Setter:

Fitting over the 2.5" hose nozzles, our hydrant setter helps improve crew safety when setting a new hydrant in place. View product here.

Adjustable Hydrant Wrench Zinc:

This wrench fits pumper, steamer and pentagon operating nuts up to 1-3/4" in size. View product here.

Hand Pent Wrench Flat Point:

This pentagon wrench is a convenient small size while being able to open a wide range of boxes and lids. View product here.

#1 and #2 Hand Meter Lid Key Wrench:

This will help you lift meter lids that use a #1 or #2 pentagon nut to hold it in place. View products here.

28" and 36" Steel Manhole Cover Hook:

This is a pick and hammer style handle on a manhole cover hook, adding functionality. View products here.

28" and 36" Manhole Cover Loop Handle Steel:

This is a great solution for when you need just a basic tool for opening a manhole cover. View products here.

Catch Basin Grate Sling:

A certified, pull-tested sling for moving catch basins into place safely. View products here.

3"-12" Pipe Cleaner/Descaler:

When you need to clean up a section of pipe, this easy-to-use tool gets the job done. View product here.

With all these tools kept in a handy location, you can grab and go to get the job done more quickly with the right tools. Tool Boards are available at our headquarters as well as every E.J. Prescott location in the northeast. Need more information about any of these waterworks-designed tools? Please feel free to download our complete product catalog below or by clicking here.

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