Valve Box Problems? Use the Box Seat Alignment Tool

We've all been on job sites where it's happened. You get a valve box installed perfectly, then when you're backfilling, it shifts off center and has to be re-dug and set again to make sure the valve can be properly accessed in the future. Maybe you have had some backfill material fall into the valve box and making valve operation difficult, if not impossible. You could have run across a situation where the valve box has been filled with water, making it difficult to work. But what if there was a tool that could help you avoid all these issues without raising the cost of each valve box significantly? At New Concept Tools, our job is creating these innovative new tools to keep you operating smoothly, and the Box Seat valve box alignment tool helps you do just that. Here are more details on how this tool works and what you can expect from it.

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The Box Seat is a simple solution to a common, age-old problem when installing underground valves. Constructed from high-strength plastic, it's a simple device which slides into place without a great deal of effort. The plastic construction makes it inexpensive, helping keep your budget needs in line and making it much less expensive than the cost of having to re-dig, re-set and re-fill a single valve box. The plastic construction also ensures that it won't have corrosion problems, providing years of protection for the valve box and long-term easy access to the underground valve.

It's also an easy to install tool that takes just a few short steps to put into place. You'll need to remove the valve's operating nut, a simple enough process. You'll then need to slide our Box Seat tool over the valve stem, taking very little space and not impacting valve operation in the slightest. Finally, you'll need to reinstall the operating nut over the Box Seat tool, sealing the entire assembly together. This process allows the valve box to automatically be centered around the operating nut, removing the chance that the valve box will shift during backfilling.

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The design of the Box Seat lends itself to many functions. It's meant to help long after installation. It will keep the valve box clear of debris and backfill due to the ridged, raised edges that provide a place for both backfill material and surface water to escape. This helps keep clear access to the underground valve, a design feature that is secondary to it's job preventing the valve box from shifting off center. During backfilling operations, it prevents the need to re-dig and re-fill the excavation, allowing your crew to work more effectively and avoid having to repeat tasks. Now your crew's time can be used where it's needed most.

The Box Seat valve box alignment tool allows you to quickly and easily install valve boxes without having to worry about re-digging the box because it shifted while being backfilled. It's one of the many tools we've developed at New Concept Tools to make sure you have the right tool to get the job done without having to improvise from standard tools or compromise on the quality you need. If you need additional information on the Box Seat tool or any of our other tools, please feel free to contact us today for more details. At New Concept Tools, our job is getting you the right tools to it easier for you to maintain your waterworks assets.

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