Get the Lead Out With NCT's Service Line Puller Kit

In November 2023, the White House announced its new Get the Lead Out initiative, designed to accelerate lead service line replacement in communities across the USA. In a press release, the administration said:

"GLO will specifically help participating communities identify lead services lines, develop replacement plans, and apply for funding to get the lead out."  

The Biden-Harris Administration has committed to tackling an important public health issue with bipartisan support: safe, clean drinking water for all Americans. The EPA's resource hub provides press releases, timelines, and links to available resources for waterworks utilities undertaking the important work of lead pipe replacement.

Federal Lead Pipe Replacement Goals

The White House and the EPA have proposed a goal of making American water service lines lead-free within the next decade. This important work has already been going on for years in some parts of the USA. Several cities, including Madison, WI and Springfield, MA, already proudly claim lead-free status. 

Creating federal initiatives to aid under-served, under-resourced communities replace lead service lines helps support a goal of 100% lead pipe replacement. And with over 9 million lead service lines remaining in the United States, this goal is a huge undertaking. It requires a major lift from large and small communities in every part of the country. 

How NCT Can Help 

The NCT service line puller kit in action drawing a new service line through the earthNew Concept Tools has designed the ideal tool to help make lead service line replacement easier, faster, and less disruptive for waterworks utilities. It's the Service Line Puller Kit! Plenty of happy NCT customers can already tell you how it works. Saving time, money and property damage enables crews to complete more replacements. 

If communities leverage federal money through programs like Get the Lead Out, choosing to invest in Service Line Puller Kits helps to stretch those dollars further. Service Line Puller Kits enable you to save time and avoid costly, disruptive excavation. 

Lead Lines Have a Deadline 

Lead exposure through drinking water has been a public health concern for many years. Most recently in the United States, the water crisis in Flint, Michigan brought lead exposure and illness into the public view. The long-term health effects of lead exposure through household water range from mild to severe. Some children experienced permanent growth and developmental delays.  

Corroded old lead pipes removed from a jobsite and stacked together.

Long story short: it's crucial to replace lead service lines. And in many communities, just identifying where those lines travel can be tricky. When resources are stretched, deferred maintenance can pile up - including the replacement of old, dangerous lead service lines.

But using planning resources from the EPA, communities can create effective plans to identify and replace lead service lines.

And the sooner, the better: the deadline to identify and inventory lead service lines is October 2024. 

Once these lines are identified, and it's time to create a replacement schedule, New Concept Tools can help. What if you could replace old, corroded lead pipes with minimal excavation and without blocking off traffic for hours on end? NCT created just the right tool kit for the job!

About the Service Line Puller Kit   

The New Concept Tools Service Line Puller Kit is available in three sizes: small diameter, large diameter, and all-in-one. The kit prepares your team to replace lead pipes and outdated service lines with diameters of 3/4" to 2".

Using a backhoe to dig a single, contained excavation site, then to pull the new service line through using NCT's kit, the Service Line Puller Kit lets you place new service lines without digging an entire trench. With versatile, dependable construction, the components of the kit are designed to work together and allow easy repairs in the field. 

The Service Line Puller Kit components on displayIn the small (3/4" to 1") kit, you get the plastic adapter, starter tool, split bull head, plastic pipe splitter, 3/8" cable, oval link, hammer lock, cable grab. 

In the large (1-1/4" to 2") kit, you get (4) screw-on bullheads (1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 2"), 1/2" cable, oval link, hammer lock, and cable grab.

The all-in-one kit combines all components above so your crew is ready for any size or material service line. 

How Does the Service Line Puller Kit Work? 

The process is straightforward. Dig holes to access each end of the supply line - not the entire length of the line. Then, turn off the water supply, disconnect the supply lines at both ends, and clean up about 6-8″ of the service line. For damaged ends, the NCT starter tool can return them to round. Next, pass a cable through the old supply line. Attach the cable to one end of the bullhead and the new service line to the other. Next, attach the other end of the cable to the NCT cable grab. Using the rugged hammer lock and oval link, attach the cable grab to your backhoe (or similar heavy equipment). 

Pull the cable using the backhoe. This will begin to draw the new service line through. Each time you reach maximum draw, re-clamp the cable closer to the pipe with the NCT cable grab, and pull again. Soon, your new pipe is placed and you're ready to fill in the work site.


Get the Lead Out 

Nationwide replacement of all lead service lines is a huge undertaking, but New Concept Tools is here to help get it done. With Service Line Puller Kits starting at just $1,149.43, it's easy and cost-effective to invest in your municipality's future and your waterworks utility's success with New Concept Tools. With less excavation, reduced downtime, and fewer traffic jams, there's no better way to pull new water service lines into place than the NCT Service Line Puller Kit. Get the kit, get your backhoe ready - and get the lead out. 



What Else Do You Need? 

New Concept Tools is here to help you get the job done better and more efficiently every time. Whatever waterworks tools you need, we have solutions built to the highest standards. Maintaining service boxes, water valves, and fire hydrants is important work. Give your crew the tools they need to do it best. Browse our online shop today, or reach out and get in touch if you want to talk about how New Concept Tools can exceed your expectations.