Waterworks Crews Need NCT's Cable Grab for Trenchless Line Replacement

Trenchless service line replacement is an innovation that enables waterworks utilities to get more done - working faster, smarter, and with less property disruption. New Concept Tools is the premier manufacturer of no dig waterline replacement equipment and we are proud to offer a full line of tools to get the job done. 

New Concept Tools manufactures the famous service line puller kit, the ultimate trenchless service line replacement solution for the waterworks industry. In short, this kit works by enabling your crew to pull a cable through the existing supply line, attach the new service line to the end of that cable, and then use a backhoe to pull the old line out, towing the new line behind it for an easy, trenchless installation! 

NCT cable grab assembly attached to cable and backhoe, ready to pull service lines.

The cable grab assembly is a critical part of the service line puller kit. Because a waterworks crew relies on heavy-duty steel cable to move the old service line out, and pull the new service line through, it’s important that the cable is securely attached to the backhoe when it’s time to pull. A weak link could cause a cable to fray or eventually break loose. At best, that will cost your crew time - at worst, it could cause a worker injury.  

Instead of trusting a makeshift solution, like wrapping a cable around the backhoe bucket and hoping for the best, choose NCT’s cable grab assembly. It’s designed to make the process of pulling old service lines out simpler and safer. 

The cable grabber easily and securely attaches to the cable. It’s simple to remove after a big pull when it’s time to cut off a section of old pipe. It quickly reattaches to the cable in a new position when it’s time for the next pull. 

The cable grab works together with an oval link and a hammer lock for ultimate security and reliable performance. It also reduces stress on your cables, which can fray over time if they are wrapped around pieces of heavy equipment for pulling service lines. 

The full assembly includes three pieces for ideal use.  

Cable Grab 

Close up view of a worker placing NCT's cable grab on a cable.

The cable grab uses a handle and a set of grooved and serrated jaws to securely grab onto the cable, and when the grab is attached to a mechanical pulling device, like a backhoe, it clamps down on the cable to hold it tightly and pull it along. 

Hammer Lock

NCT_Hammer-lock-cable-grab-service-line-puller-kit-1The hammer lock is the ideal way to connect your cable grab to the oval link. It’s a simple but innovative device that allows you to attach closed links to one another in the field.

Pass one side of the yellow-coated hammer lock through the red-coated oval link and the other through the loop on the cable grab, and then close the lock by inserting its locking pin and tapping into place.  

Oval Link

NCT_Oval-link-cable-grab-no-dig-service-line-replacementThe oval link offers a versatile connection point to the backhoe or other heavy equipment. Use another hammer lock to secure it to the backhoe, and trust its durable steel construction to hold things together during your no-dig waterline replacement jobs. Purchase extra individual oval links separately so that your waterworks crew always has a spare on hand. With their red coating, the oval links are always easy to spot in the tool box. 


Next Steps

The New Concept Tools cable grab is available with or without the hammer lock and oval link, and each piece can be purchased separately so your waterworks crew always has spare parts available in the field when doing a trenchless or no dig service line replacement. 

Having a secure, reliable way to grab, hold, and pull cable in the field is imperative, and New Concept Tools is proud to offer our cable grab, along with all the other innovative parts of our service line puller kit. Make your waterworks crew’s job easier and safer with solutions from New Concept Tools.  Still have questions? Contact NCT today! Our team is ready and waiting to help you find the right no dig service line replacement solutions! 

Service Line Puller Kit - Instruction Manual



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