Reduce Downtime With NCT's All in One Service Line Puller Kit

Old, deteriorating service lines can become a real problem - especially those made with lead. With nationwide initiatives to identify and replace lead service lines due to public health concerns, more and more cities are starting the huge undertaking of finding and replacing their outdated pipes. 


Traditional service line replacement methods are disruptive. They chew through valuable time and can literally stop traffic while work is underway. Water might be turned off for multiple customers, trenches dug, utilities marked and avoided, old pipes fully removed - and then, once the replacement is complete? It's time to fix the sidewalks, pavement, lawn, or any other ground and property that was disrupted during the repair. 

New Concept Tools built the all-in-one Service Line Puller Kit to give your waterworks utility the power of trenchless service line replacement. Minimize digging, reduce downtime, and improve efficiency with this innovative kit from Team NCT. 

Why Choose Team NCT's Kit? 

With an all-in-one Service Line Puller Kit from Team NCT, you're ready to replace outdated service lines and lead pipes with diameters of 3/4" to 2". When used with a backhoe - which you'll also use to dig a single, contained excavation - the kit lets you place new service lines without digging an entire trench. With dependable construction and unmatched versatility, the kit's components are designed to work together and allow easy repairs in the field. 

What's In The Kit? 

The all-in-one Service Line Puller Kit comes with all the parts needed to remove or replace old lead, steel, copper or plastic pipe. Extra parts can e purchased separately to expand and customize your kit. 

When you choose the all-in-one kit, you get the components of the small kit and the large kit all combined. That means one kit with a plastic adapter; starter tool; plastic pipe splitter; split bullhead; screw-on bullheads (1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2", 2"); 3/8" cable (7.44 ton test); 1/2" cable with pressed-on stud (13 ton test); cable grab; oval link; hammer lock.

All you need to supply is the backhoe and the new service lines! 

How Does It Work? 

The Service Line Puller Kit makes digging a full-length trench a thing of the past. Need to replace a lead service line? Need to update old, failing service lines made of plastic, steel, or copper? Let the SLPK make it simple. 


The process is straightforward. Dig holes to access each end of the supply line - not the entire length of the line. Then, turn off the water supply, disconnect the supply lines at both ends, and clean up about 6-8″ of the service line. For damaged ends, the NCT starter tool can return them to round. Next, pass a cable through the old supply line. Attach the cable to one end of the bullhead and the new service line to the other. Next, attach the other end of the cable to the NCT cable grab. Using the rugged hammer lock and oval link, attach the cable grab to your backhoe (or similar heavy equipment). 

nct-email-cable-grabNow it's time to pull! Using the backhoe, begin to pull the new service line through the old one. As the bullhead passes through the old supply line, it either expands, splits, or removes the old line - while drawing the new line into place behind it. Once the equipment reaches its maximum draw, release the cable, cut the old, newly exposed pipe off, and repeat the process until the new line is fully placed. 

Before long, the new supply line is ready to be connected and leak tested! Once it's ready to go, fill in the access holes, repair any ground damage, and you're done! 

What Else Do You Need? 

New Concept Tools and our sister companies in the EJP family deliver the products and solutions you need for the waterworks industry. From fire hydrant markers to manhole cover tools and setters, and all the service box and valve tools you need, we have industry-leading products to keep your crew working efficiently and the water flowing smoothly. Do you have questions about our products and how they can help your work flow more smoothly? Get in touch today - we look forward to hearing from you! 


Service Line Puller Kit - Instruction Manual