The Fire Hydrant Flags, Markers, & Tools You Need from New Concept Tools

Marking and maintaining fire hydrants is an important job. Having the right hydrant markers can mean the difference between easily spotted, fully functional hydrants - and an unfortunate meeting of a hydrant and a snow plow blade, leading to costly repairs. 

To help keep your town or city’s fire hydrants working and visible, New Concept Tools offers a full range of flags, markers, and tools. Let’s take a look at the simple, reliable solutions we offer.  

Fire Hydrant Tools 

NCT hydrant setter

Start by setting fire hydrants in place with an NCT hydrant setter! This simple design uses Grade 8 galvanized chain and a swivel joint for maneuverability. With lifting rings to securely attach to the hydrant’s hose nozzles and a spreader bar to keep the rings aligned, the setter is simple and effective. Setters are pull tested and tagged with capacity. 

Keep a 16” adjustable hydrant wrench on hand to work on hydrants in the field. Fits up to 1¾” pentagon operating nuts and pumper or steamer caps. It also includes a double spanner to fit pin and rocker lug hose couplings. Corrosion-resistant zinc-plated steel construction and a rubber-coated handle make this wrench durable and easy to use.  

Tagging hydrants? You need the 14” hydrant crimping tool from NCT to make sure your knuckles and your fire hydrant tags don’t get mangled using makeshift tag crimping solutions. This custom solution has non-slip grips and superior leverage, plus built-in hanging points so you can store or take it on the go with ease. 

Fire Hydrant Flags & Markers 

NCT Out of Service marker

Now that the hydrants are set and you’ve got the right tools to maintain and tag them, let’s get them set up with some extra visibility. First things first: if a hydrant is out of service, the fire department needs to know. Mark the disabled hydrant with a safety orange, 7” diameter sign on one or more of its hose nozzles. This lets your crew, or emergency response crews, easily identify the affected hydrant(s).  

Now let’s think about winter and overall hydrant visibility. Making sure hydrants don’t get smashed by a snow plow or backed into at that cul-de-sac is key, and NCT has the simple, effective markers you need. 

Start with ½” rebar hydrant markers, available in sets of ten. They’re double-dipped in safety orange paint and come with weatherproof, reflective stickers. The flag is 4½” diameter so it’s always easy to spot. These markers are a great solution to keep on hand for easy placement and weather resistance. 


Another hydrant marker option is the 4’ spring-loaded hydrant flag. With galvanized steel for corrosion resistance, the spring-loaded flag includes a mounting bracket, washer, and four 6” weatherproof reflective bands. The flag is a 4” x 5” orange marker - and don’t worry. NCT sells plenty of extra flags, too - so don’t worry if you lost a reflective flag over the winter. Just stock up on spares from NCT and you’re always ready.   

Already have a stake and just need a visibility flag? NCT’s universal hydrant flag kit works with any quarter- to half-inch steel shaft, on any fire hydrant. With a 4½” diameter red Lexan hydrant marker disc, a center-mounted U-clip, and a stainless steel set screw, it’s got everything you need to turn an existing stake or shaft into a convenient hydrant marker. 

Even More Solutions from NCT 

What other waterworks tools and specialty products do you need? New Concept Tools is proud to design and build superior quality tools to make your job easier. We’re always innovating and refining our existing product line. 

We offer solutions for trenchless service line replacement, service box and valve tools and accessories, manhole setters, gate valve accessories, and more. For thoughtfully designed waterworks hand tools and more, trust the experienced team at New Concept Tools.

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