Waterworks Valve & Curb Key Options From New Concept Tools

Waterworks utility crews frequently need to access, clean, and work on service valve and curb boxes in the field. This requires multiple tools including cleaners, valve keys and wrenches to work with different types of valves and boxes. 

New Concept Tools designs and manufactures a range of innovative tools to make this everyday work easier and more efficient. To be prepared for the different types of valves, risers, and boxes they’ll encounter in the field, your waterworks crew needs an array of tools. 

Let’s examine some of the solutions New Concept Tools has developed to keep your crew working smarter and more efficiently in the field. 

Service & Valve Box Cleaners

Before operating an underground waterworks service valve, your crew needs unobstructed access. The truth is, accessing service boxes to exercise, maintain or repair underground valves can be a real mess when dirt or debris get involved. Debris is inevitable, but wasting time digging it out with ineffective tools is a thing of the past when you equip your waterworks utility crew with NCT’s cleaning tools. 

Service box cleaning spoon tools from NCT

Using powder-coated telescoping shafts with ergonomically designed handles, NCT’s service and valve box cleaning tools are designed for efficiency and safety. The cleaning spoons are made of cast steel for dependable performance no matter what kind of junk you’re digging through. With interchangeable cleaning spoons available to fit into a variety of different boxes, your waterworks crew will always be prepared to bust up some debris and keep moving.

Service Box Keys 

rod-x-pent-x-2-hole-on-handle-with-debris-cleaner-1Once the debris is cleared away and the crew has unobstructed access to the service box or valve box, it’s time to get the keys. With a variety of valve and box types out there, your crew needs a handful of waterworks service and valve box keys or wrenches

  • Pentagon end service box wrench/key;  
  • Rod end service box wrench/key. (Designed to fit service box rod; used to open or close the service valve.) 
  • Curb end service box wrench/key. (Fits on the T-head of the service valve for opening/closing the valve in 1 ¼” & 2 ½” Buffalo style service boxes.) 
  • Two-hole end service box wrench/key. (A two-prong service box wrench designed to fit into the holes on a two-hole service box cover for easy removal.) 

These tools are all powder-coated for superior corrosion resistance and reliable durability. They can all be purchased separately to ensure you always have the parts you need. 

New Concept Tools also offers a range of combination wrenches, like the Point x Chisel Combo Key with Slotted Pent, which comes with a slotted pentagon nut on the shaft, a pick point on one end of the handle and a chisel on the other.

This tool enables a person to break up debris buildup, remove the pent nut from plug style covers, and turn the service box rod - all with one tool. There’s also the Rod x 2-Hole Slide Handle Service Box Wrench and lots more to choose from depending on your crew’s needs.

all-in-one-combo-key-feat-1The All-in-One Combo Key set is a convenient solution to get your waterworks tool kit started, or round out your existing tools. The set combines six waterworks service and valve box keys and wrenches in one versatile assembly. The set includes two shafts (a 1¼” x 41″ main shaft with attached pentagon end, and a 1″ x 40″ extension shaft) and a handle. It also includes a 5/8″ x 37″ rod end shaft, a two-hole cover end, a 2″ gate valve end with two-way swivel, a curb end, an adjustable hydrant wrench end and five push pins. You could also choose the combo set with a sturdy canvas roll-up carrying bag for extra convenience. 

Everything in the combination set can be purchased separately if you don’t need the entire assembly at once, or need multiples of one part but not the others. 

Getting to Work

Once you have the service valve keys and curb box cleaners you need, don’t forget to check out the huge range of other solutions New Concept Tools offers to keep your waterworks crew working smarter, not harder! Learn more by visiting our online store today, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions about the rugged, dependable products we offer.