Clean & Descale Your Pipes With a Serrated Tool from NCT

If you’re looking for the perfect tool to clean pipe surfaces during repairs or maintenance, look no further than the New Concept Tools Pipe Cleaner/Descaler

The pipe cleaner and descaler tool was recently upgraded to give you the edge over competing products. Team NCT added an extra heavy chain and extra channels to truly outperform and out-clean other products on the market. Half of the channels are now serrated to cut through grime, rust, small roots or other buildup. This hard-working tool is designed to save you time and money!  

pipe-descalerYou wouldn't paint a wall without priming the surface and smoothing any gaps or bumps. And you don't want to work on a pipe that's covered in debris, rust, or buildup, either! A pipe descaler is used to clean the surface of a pipe. A clean, smooth pipe surface allows better cutting, joining, inline water valve insertion - and more. With rubberized grip handles, the belt style pipe cleaner is easy to hold, and easy to operate. With heavy-duty chain and extra serrated channels, the redesigned descaler is more efficient than ever. It requires very little clearance around the pipe, about two inches, for easier access to more pipes. 

The cleaning tool is available in two sizes, so you are prepared for any job: 3”-12” and 14”-36”. No matter which size you choose, each tool weighs 5 lbs. or less. Adding this much needed toolkit to your arsenal won’t break the bank, either, as the 3”-12” tool only costs $82, and the 14”-36” costs $115. 

Stay prepared on the jobsite with the right tools! With the New Concept Tools pipe cleaner and descaler tool, serrated channels easily cut through buildup, leaving your pipes cleaner than ever. This tool was forged to be lightweight but strong enough to withstand the toughest of jobs. 

With over four decades of experience, New Concept Tools continues to design and perfect our products. We are dedicated professionals with decades of experience in a variety of utility fields. If you have questions about the NCT Pipe Cleaner/Descaler, or any of our other products, please contact us! All of our products are field tested, and we won’t sell a product until we are sure it will perform beyond our customers’ expectations. Make your job easier with the New Concept Tools Pipe Cleaner/Descaler and other premium tools from Team NCT.