Preparing Your Hydrants the Right Way With Hydrant Markers

How easy is it for your fire department to find hydrants when they're needed most, with a house on fire in the background? Though there are any number of simple products available on the market, will they get the job done when the fire department is scrambling to get a hose connected? Here's a look at the right way to prepare your hydrants with hydrant markers that show up when it matters most.

There are any number of inexpensive hydrant markers available on the market, but they often fall short whenever a serious crisis hits. You can add rings or reflective bonnets to the hydrant, but those won't show up when there's snow on the ground or a larger vehicle is backing towards it and it's out of sight behind a high tailgate. Finding the right marker for the job is imperative. Damage to your hydrants can cost you a lot of time, effort and materials to fix the problem, and this damage is more likely when drivers can't actually see your hydrants because of a snow storm - the exact conditions under which heavy heater use causes more house fires.

Fortunately, New Concept Tools has an alternative. Our hydrant markers don't simply sit on the hydrant, they stick up above it nearly four feet, with a reflector located on the pole. This makes it not only easier to locate the hydrant itself, but it makes it much easier to spot the hydrant in poor visibility, such as the aforementioned snow storm. Because poor weather also tends to lead to traffic accidents, including accidental knocks with vehicles that can't see the hydrant due to height, you can quickly locate the hydrant and determine whether it has been damaged following an accident.


We can provide you with a spring-mounted hydrant marker which can better deal with accidental bumps and mounts within a matter of minutes on virtually any hydrant that uses bolts to hold the weather cap in place. We also have universal hydrant markers that mount on the hose nozzle itself, allowing it to fit virtually any hydrant that has a 2" FIP threaded connection. Because it's sandwiched between the hydrant, the nozzle and the nozzle cover, it also has a very fast installation process.

Having a reflective pole or flag sticking up above the hydrant makes the entire assembly more visible, especially for larger vehicles that may not see a standard hydrant marker when backing up or pulling into place due to their higher situation. Having flags on your hydrants works especially well for snow, flooding, rain, fog, dust or any number of other visibility issues that may crop up, making recovery after a bad storm or disaster much easier overall, as the hydrants are then able to serve as a point of reference for neighboring services, streets, property lines and similar areas of interest.

By properly marking your hydrants, you can help lower the cost of fires this winter in your community through faster response time while lowering the chance of accidental damage to your hydrants throughout the winter. But what if you're not sure which hydrant marker is the best option for your specific situation? The professionals at New Concept Tools are always ready to help. Please feel free to contact us today with any questions, for more information or to get a quote on our high-quality hydrant markers.

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